The Trustees and staff of Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare have been devastated by the death of our greyhound, Tank, from heatstroke at a fundraising event on Sunday 18th June.  As a result of this, our Kennel Manager, Denise, feels that her positions as Trustee and Manager are no longer in the best interests of the charity and she has tendered her resignation.  With regret, the Trustees have accepted this.

Below is an open letter from Denise explaining her decision:

“Dear Reader,

This is my apology to you. Please bear with me and forgive me if it is somewhat long winded and forgive me if it comes across as in any way as arrogant – that is not my intent. It is the most humblest of apologies to you all, trustees, staff, supporters, volunteers, friends and those who may not know WGW at all as an organisation but deserve an apology.

I was at the event last Sunday when one of our greyhounds, Tank, so very tragically lost his life. It was within my power to have prevented this but one sentence spoken, given as a concern rather than a direct instruction as it should have been and was within my authority as Kennel Manager to do, set in motion a series of events which ended in such a tragedy.

As Kennel Manager I have for many years been the one who always has a solution, is the cool head of reason (though many of you who know me well will find that hard to believe) and finds the way forward. However, in recent days I have felt unable to do any of these things. I have found myself paralysed by grief and remorse, the depths of which I have never known, and above all these things I have come to understand just how very badly I have betrayed your trust in me to keep every greyhound in our care safe and do my very best by them.

Therefore, I have this morning tendered my resignation to our trustees.

Please continue to support this most wonderful of organisation and find it in your hearts to forgive this momentary error of judgement. Allow them to continue the work they do, tirelessly and with a passion and love that knows no bounds.


The Trustees have arranged a special meeting to discuss future arrangements for the charity.  In the short term, Denise has agreed to stay on as manager until a suitable alternative can be found.


Wimbledon Tennis - Monday 3rd July to Saturday 8th July

Once again we have been invited to collect at Wimbledon Tennis, in the park where the queue forms, every day of the first week starting on Monday 3rd July. This is always a big fund raiser for WGW with our hounds realising over £4,500 of donations last year. But this is only possible if we can turn out with as many volunteer humans and their hounds as we can.

We also need to have a decent presence from 7am because the queue starts moving early. The early start has some advantages though - traffic is manageable at this time and we are able to park for free, close to our gazebo. We generally finish in the early afternoon, sometimes as early as 12:30.

We would really like to encourage greyhound owners who have not helped before to come along. The crowd is good-natured, there is an air of excitement, with lots of tourists and visitors from abroad fascinated with the hounds. We'll have a gazebo set up away from the queue for hounds and humans to take regular breaks. It makes for a lovely day talking about and showing off the dogs!

If you and your hounds could help WGW with this event we'd love to see you. Dogs will need to be confident around crowds as upwards of 8,000 people will pass by daily. Also the park is open to off-lead walkers as usual so there will be the occasional other breed passing by. Early starts are particularly needed but if you can only show up later and/or for a couple of hours that is fine - please do! Also helpers without dogs are welcome. We want to attend the whole of the first week especially Saturday 8th.

If we have the volunteers and queue is still there we may also attend some of the second week.

If you can help, please contact Andy Smith by Facebook or email Email preferred but if you need to contact by phone you can reach Andy at 07814 149683.


Sunday 30th July - Kennels Closed

The Ride Surrey cycle race passes through Hersham so the kennels will be closed to visitors/walkers.



Homing Updates 

We have had a bumper month at the kennels for homing (13 in total for May ). Lucky number clearly!  They are:

Mandy, Duke, Wolfie, Smudge, Allie, Lydia, Carla, Yana, Birdy, Luigi, Gus, Foxy & Parker.

Here are photos of some of the lucky hounds who have found their forever homes – and in some cases, have in return helped mend the broken hearts of those who have loved and lost their previous much missed hounds.

Thank you so much for giving them all the chance of a new life with a family and a home of their own. We couldn’t do it without you!

 30th May 2017


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Other News

Please consider using Gift Aid when donating. 

This means that for every £1 you donate, we can reclaim an additional 25p from HMRC.

Please send you Gift Aid forms to the kennels:

Burhill Kennels, Turners Lane,
Hersham, Surrey. KT12 4AW.

More details here.




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Annette Crosbie - Patron of WGW Annette Crosbie - Patron of WGW

 Burhill Kennels, Turners Lane, Hersham, Surrey. KT12 4AW. Tel: 01932 224 918

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Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare is an independent charity devoted to caring for retired racing greyhounds and finding them homes. We are self-funding and rely on the kindness and generosity of our supporters and the general public.

We care for approximately 80 greyhounds at our kennels in Hersham, and the majority of these are gifted into us by their owners or trainers once their racing days are over so that they have the opportunity to experience life as a family pet.

We actively promote the fact that greyhounds make wonderful pets and adapt to life after racing very well. Enjoy your trip round our website but better still come to our kennels and meet the stars of this particular show.



 Please consider using Gift Aid when donating.

Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare, being a charity in its own right, is now able to claim Gift Aid on all donations.

This means that for every £1 you donate, we can reclaim an additional 25p from HMRC.

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Other ways to donate


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Bring your old mobile phones and ink cartridges to the kennels for recycling to raise funds for WGW

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