Saturday, September 11th – Reach the Beach

Reach The Beach 2019
Reach The Beach 2019

WGW reached the beach! This event has already happened. Thank you to everyone who took part and assisted on the day.

Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare’s annual Reach the Beach is on Saturday 11th September 2021 and we hope many of you will join in the fun for this jaunt to the seaside. Hounds and humans head to West Wittering beach for a walk around beautiful East Head.

Many people will bring a WGW kennel hound to give them a lovely day out – if you have space in your car, please do book out one of the kennel dogs. The last time we ran this event in 2019 we managed to get all kennel hounds to the beach!

If you are picking up a kennel hound, collect from Hersham kennels between 8.30am and 9am. We are meeting at the far end of the big car park at West Wittering around 10.30.

Our first group thing is a big group photo at 11am sharp! Then a lovely walk and paddling along the beach at East Head led by Laura Fewell from Surrey Sighthound Walking Group and finally a picnic!

⚠️ Please note that parking at West Wittering must be booked in advance.

Without it you won't be allowed entry, so please book that before you set off. It looks like this will cost £9 for the day. ⚠️

Please bring picnic for you and for your dogs (including kennel hounds if you’re bringing any!). Kennel hounds will not have any breakfast due to travelling.

If you’d like to bring a kennel hound please call the kennels on 01932 251894 to book them out for the day.

It’s a fab day for all – and many of the dogs have never seen the sea before! Plus a great way to raise the profile of greyhounds as wonderful pets.

Looking forward to seeing you there.