Ditton fair Sunday Funday

The Dittons Fair has been the main annual community celebration in Thames and Long Ditton for over 60 years. WGW were lucky enough to have a stall there today, where we could sell our shop items, and a Meet & Greet Gazebo for the hounds, thanks to WGW supporter & hound owner, Dave Clarke.

Our wonderful volunteers packed & transported the gazebos & shop goods, ran the stall or brought their own hounds or a kennel hound.

It was good fun with lots of stalls & activities for the families and many adults and children were interested in meeting our lovely hounds, including kennel hounds, Cameron and Mabel.

As well as having local homing, fostering and walking queries, it was a good opportunity to promote what we do and we even raised shy of £300 (£294.79) from donations & shop sales, plus WGW hound owner, Jackie Younis, also kindly donated £54 she had raised for us at her recent Coronation Tea Party of her own, bringing our final total to a fabulous £348.79.

A huge thank you to those of you who supported the day and helped in whatever way you could. You were all just amazing and yet again, showed what truly caring supporters we are so very lucky to have.

Carol x

* (photo courtesy of Anneka Rubin)*