Ode to Pip

In Memory - Pip
In Memory - Pip

Pip Cave-Jones left us on 20.03.19 – bless you sweet girl, run free. Love you always, Jenny, Phil, Alex and Archie xxxx

In your younger years you were never calm

With your unauthorised visit to the local farm

Stealing chocolate cake and being put on a drip

And our household phrase ‘What now? Oh Pip!’

You defied all the odds and just carried on

It’s hard to believe that you’ve actually gone

No clackety clack on the tiled kitchen floor

Lurking for food and then asking for more
You had a good heart but some naughty habits

You chased small dogs and cats, as well as rabbits

You cared not for manners and had special dog breath

But you were gracious and dignified when the time came for death
You were a complete nutter, let us not pretend

But a loved and fantastic furry friend

You caused havoc and chaos, you pilfered and stole

And you have left our hearts with a Pip shaped hole.