Goodbye our Son – D’Ubi

In Memory - D'Ubi
In Memory - D'Ubi

We always knew the day would come where our hearts would be totally broken and sadly this became a reality win 5th of May when we had to say goodbye to our boy D’Ubi.

D’Ubi had been with us since 2013 (one of the SEL7 litter) and boy did we get lucky. He was (and they all are) the best pooch ever and very quickly became a part of our family with his two doting daddies. He lived a fine life in South London and then we moved to be in the countryside in Princes Risborough where he could enjoy a life ‘off the lead’ in fields, running around like crazy – which he used to love to do before he started to slow down a little and take in the beautiful sites with us.

It is so hard now to look around and see him everywhere and nowhere all at once but he was so very loved and I know we will never stop loving him. We are so very grateful that we met him and got the chance to give him our home and our love.

We always referred to him as our son – which some thought was silly – but for those know….you know. As part of the family he was always included in festive activities such as when Santa Paws came to see him on Xmas Morning – and he literally got so excited it was amazing – and dressing up for family photos. He must have thought us the crazy ones – but he let us nonetheless.

It was a little while ago we noticed a odd scraping claw when out for walks as he started to struggle little and then over the last week he took a turn for the worse. A sadly familiar scenario with hounds I hear, but his back legs had gone and it was time.

Night Night Dubes

Dan and Michael