Monty Taylor (18th May 2006 to 2nd November 2018)

In Memory - Monty
In Memory - Monty

Monty Taylor (18th May 2006 to 2nd November 2018) was one of the bravest, most resilient and loveable greyhounds. Monty had a life full of kindness and was extremely well loved. He was a gentleman, remembered by all that met him and made everyone associated with him feel proud and fortunate for him being part of their lives. Monty was a character, stubborn at times (if he wanted to go on a three hour walk then he would!), aloof when he couldn’t be bothered with other dogs (particularly the small yappy ones!) but also extremely affectionate, supportive, adaptable and the best thing to happen to his family.

Monty raced at Wimbledon (race name, Talking Man), trained by Paul Donovan. All of the kennel staff took amazing care of Monty during his racing days, which were cut short by a horrible accident in late 2009. Monty unfortunately ruptured a disc in his spine when he was just 3.5 years old. He had to undergo extensive surgery at, the then not as widely known, Fitzpatrick Referrals (being treated by Noel himself made Monty somewhat of a celebrity in later years, as those who know of his work were impressed Monty was in such good hands!). At the time of his accident, Monty was only given a 50/50 chance of survival. It was always the intention that on retiring from racing Monty would come home as a family pet. At the time, just getting Monty home for any amount of time seemed impossible. However, thankfully, with the expert care Monty received from a team of vets, help from friends and on-going support from Denise and all the staff at Hersham Hounds, Monty made a full recovery. If I was told then that Monty would enjoy retirement until he was over 12 years old – I would have never believed it. Monty’s story was told in the WGW newsletters (spring and early summer 2010) and looking back now the description given to Monty as a ‘sweet natured and happy lad, with the heart of a lion’ couldn’t be truer.

The only signs of Monty’s accident were that he was left with nerve damage and dragged his back right leg. From then on, Monty always then wore a boot on his walks to stop any damage to his paw (see featured picture). Monty was also well known for wearing his boot!

Monty lived in kennels during racing and a couple of months during his recovery at Hersham. However, he quickly adapted to home life and all the comforts that come with it (see picture 2)! Monty lived in London for a few years before moving to my native North East England in 2014. Here he enjoyed the wider open spaces, having a beach on the doorstep (see picture 3) and making lots of new friends (humans and dogs!)….and actually adapted to the colder weather (see picture 4).

Unfortunately, the weakness of Monty’s back legs contributed to his recent loss of quality of life. Eventually, Monty was unable to move or go to the toilet by himself. Further surgery was not recommended given his previous condition and that due to the lack of muscle in his hind legs, recovery from another operation may not have been possible. Monty was alert, wanting lots of cuddles and enjoying his food. However, the difficult and hardest decision of my life was made.

Monty has been my constant companion through the best and worst of times. He has made me so happy and a more patient and compassionate person. Monty has shown me how to love unconditionally, be brave and strong and enjoy the simple things to the fullest. Everyone involved throughout Monty’s life tried to give him the best care possible and I can only hope Monty knew how loved he was by all of his family and that he will always be remembered. My life has without question been made fuller thanks to Monty.

Love you always, Katy xx