Sox – 2013 to 2019

In Memory - Sox
In Memory - Sox

From day one he was the only greyhound that I felt a real connection with.

I remember when he looked up into my eyes for the first time I could through those eyes that he just craved loved and guidance. I felt comfort knowing that he trusted me as he was quite timid and it was a long road ahead getting him to be confident but as we progressed getting to know each other taking our time and a lot of love and patience I just knew he was just looking for a farther figure.   

He was very nervous exploring the loud cars and hectic life of London but he trusted me and as we grew together it came just the norm eventually.  He was more interested in the walks and looking for cats and foxes then worrying about cars and he was so chilled that I’m proud that I made him confident and had nothing to fear. 

When I asked him in a  certain way “Are you hungry;  do you want some dinner?” he would whine at me and I loved that connection as we went to the kitchen. He loved his garden and his bed , it got to stage that he would not leave my side and he would follow me everywhere. Even if i went to the loo he be there outside very very loyal and protective in that sense he was just like a shadow. 

Sox was a great companion and true gentlemen. He was so humble around kids and loved them every time my daughter brought a friend around. He would greet her like his own and he loved to meet new people, especially kids. We only had him for  year and a half but we had so many great times…….. I bent over backwards to make sure he was extra loved …. Im so upset that we lost him but he will always been in my thoughts and heart.
2013-2019 LOVE YOU