Larry – Born September 2013

Homeless Hound - Larry
Homeless Hound - Larry

Larry went out to Painshill Park

Yesterday morning Hersham hound Larry had a good sniff around the lake at Painshill. Larry loves travelling in the car and usually has a nap whilst waiting to arrive at destination. This very friendly and sweet hound walks very nicely by your side, looks at the other dogs with some curiosity but moves on quickly so is a real joy to walk.

Since his arrival at Hersham, Larry has been sharing his kennel with several girls (some of them really full of beans, no names here😉) and he has always been so gentle and patient with all of them….what a saint! We cannot understand why he keeps been overlooked….ok, he is a big lad and is a middle aged boy…so what?

He is so affectionate and gentle, plus has a very charming long nose and a curly tail which are impossible to resist. Is there anybody out there with a free sofa, please?

Larry is waiting to hear from you

Larry has been staying with us for 4 days over the festive period

It was so lovely to have the chance to spend some time with this gorgeous boy out of the kennel and finding out more about his cheerful personality. Larry is a 5 years old gentle giant with a real zest for life. He is always happy, very playful and affectionate. Larry made us laugh so many times, especially when playing with his tennis ball whilst hiding under his blanket and when he was taking his special towel to bed with him “for comfort”. 

Whilst Larry needs to learn some good manners around the table (he managed to steal a slice of cheesecake from the table!), he behaved impeccably both in the car and in the house. Larry quickly found his bed and his bowls and made no attempt to jump on the sofa or on our bed. He slept well all night and there was not a single overnight accident. We thought this was really amazing considering that Larry had never been in a house before. We took Larry to quite a few new places including the seaside and the pub and despite some initial hesitation, he quickly started to relax and enjoy the different settings.

Larry walked very gently on the lead, became a bit excited (his long curly tail was constantly spinning) when meeting some off lead dogs running on the beach (if allowed we are pretty sure he would have loved to run and play with them) and despite showing some interest, he did not show any aggressive behaviour towards smaller dogs who started to bark at him. He quickly learned to ignore them and continue with his walk. We discovered Larry loves children, especially when they were giving him cuddles or treats! Larry is an adorable boy who is more than ready for his forever home. He has so much love to give. Please do not be put off by his large size, he will bring plenty of joy and laughter into the life of his forever family.