Joey – Born September 2014

Homeless Hound - Joey
Homeless Hound - Joey

Only a week after leaving his racing kennels, Joey jumped in and out of the car with confidence. He found it difficult to settle, spending time rearranging his duvet and looking out the window.

On arrival at Painshill Park, he was keen to get on with the walk. Joey is quite strong on the lead, but with the aid of a harness, he is easily manageable. He walked with enthusiasm taking in all the new sights. He gave the ducks and geese a long hard stare, but did not react.

Joey gave a Weimaraner and a Spaniel a long hard look and showed interest in a Jack Russell and a Cockapoo by raising his ears and whining excitedly as they passed by. He was very interested and loved the attention from two noisy toddler’s and their parents who stopped to stroke him outside the café area.

At the end of the trip, Joey took treats like a real gentleman and didn’t appear to be food orientated. Joey would love more visits to the world outside the kennels so he can be introduced to new experiences.


Joey is confident in the car, he hopped right in and was well behaved. He is a strong lad but does not pull although he is alert and watchful for squirrels. 

He is curious about other dogs but not aggressive, he went up to a labrador and sniffed him all over. On one occasion he ignored a passing dog as he found a sniffing a bush far more interesting. He is the same with small dogs, sometimes ignoring them while they were on a lead. If they were running around this might have been an issue. 

He shows a lot of promise and with the right careful handling he would relax around other breeds and be fine with them. 

He is a beautiful looking boy, he likes a fuss and a cuddle and will make an outstanding pet.