Isobel – Born August 2015

Homeless Hound - Isobel
Homeless Hound - Isobel

We had the pleasure of giving sweet blue girl Isobel a foster in May 2019. Isobel needed help to get into the car and was a little unsettled for the journey home however, with encouragement and kind words she soon realised that a car journey meant going somewhere new and exciting. 

Once in our home, Isobel needed encouragement to climb the stairs to our flat however, after following the lead of our girl greyhound, she soon remembered how to manoeuvre the stairs like a pro. Isobel can be slightly anxious at times, wanting to know where the whole family is but once everyone had been checked on, she soon settled down and had many deep sleeps on our sofa. 

This sweet girl is full of character which started to show after the first few days. Like most greyhounds, Isobel wanted to nap all day, and we can’t say we blame her! She loved going to the park and was intrigued by the rather fluffy dogs, wanting to try and figure out what they were. With not a lot of encouragement, Isobel did walk away quite unfazed and always carried on walking. 

The most special part of this girl, is what a kind hearted temperament she has. Isobel has the most loving face, and always seems eager to please. She does love to be around people and always seems to want to be involved in a conversation. 

Isobel would be such a wonderful and loving girl to give a home to, and she really is the sort of dog that needs a chance. This girl is desperate for a sofa to call her own (and a round bed, she loved our one!) Please give Isobel a chance to prove what a lovely addition to your life she would be!