Tina – Born January 2015

Tina - Born January 2015
Tina - Born January 2015

Tina is an extremely affectionate and loving girl with a real curiosity for just about everything!
When we picked her up for a foster visit, she greeted us with bags of enthusiasm and lots of licks! She was unsure about how to get into the car so we had to help her in. Once on the move she was hard to get settled as she couldn’t see out of the window when lying down so was constantly up and down, excitedly watching the world go by. However, that did improve with subsequent car trips out to the park. 

She became a little more subdued when we first got her home and seemed slightly overwhelmed by the newness of everything. That improved though the following day once she became more familiar with her surroundings. She couldn’t do the stairs at first, so was confined to the kitchen and hallway but after a couple of days she made a brilliant and determined attempt up the first staircase to the lounge… Clever girl! We did have to help her get back down again the first time but once she’d mastered it there was no stopping her! 

At first Tina pulled a lot on the lead when we took her for walks and was darting about all over the place. However, there was a huge improvement by the end of the week and she would calmly and happily trot along next to you, only pulling slightly if she picked up an interesting scent in Richmond park. She was unsure of other dog breeds in the beginning and would nervously back away behind my legs if they came over for a sniff. Again, this improved as the week went on, and she only got skittish if another dog raced towards her. She probably just needs more time to get used to other breeds.

Tina is a very clean girl with good toilet habits. She also waits patiently until you have put her food into the bowl and moved away before she tucks in! She loved playing with her toys, but most of all she was happy to just be chilling out with us (mostly stretched out on the sofa with my son!). She’s an absolute darling and we were very proud of all the small obstacles she overcame. She’s a fast learner and really wants to please. It’s a very lucky person that will be able to offer this adorable dog a forever home.