Florence – Born August 2014

Florence - Born August 2014
Florence - Born August 2014
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Florence is a very pretty 4 years old hound who cannot wait to jump into the car for a ride. Once in, she is very curious and if allowed would love to keep her nose out of the window for the whole duration of the journey! Once at destination, she would raise her lovely ears and start her “full alert mode”. 

Florence is so excited about all the things that she sees around that she would try to engage you in a power walking session (eg fast pace), hence the need to use a harness. Florence has a strong chase instinct and might become a bit hyper if she sees squirrels or cats. Despite this, she is still quite manageable as she is not too strong. She seems to be getting used to ducks and although interested, no major reaction seems to be happening.

Florence - Born August 2014

Florence is fine with large dogs, needs more work with little ones (probably she still does not understand what they are). Florence is a young dog with a lot of energy to spare and for this reason we feel she would need an active and energetic family able to let her steam off! She is a cuddly monster and will show you her affection with plenty of licking. Impossible to resist her beautiful sweet eyes. 

Please ask the kennel for more information, Florence is always up for new adventures!