Walking the greyhounds

As and when you can, no need to make a regular commitment . We are open every day between 11am—2pm. Ask at the kennels or use the Contact Us page for more details.

Helping out at an event

Be it a meet and greet, an event here at the kennels, or an organised dog walk. News of upcoming events is published in our newsletters, on our Events Page and at the kennels. Keep an eye on what’s happening and contact the event organiser to see if you can help. There are some events where we have to limit the number or greyhounds and helpers, or because of the nature of the event we have to be very specific about which greyhounds are suitable. So please don’t be offended if we decline your offer of help for a particular event.

Offering your services

Do you have a skill, a trade, or an area of expertise that we can use? Or do you have contacts or connections related to your business who, one day, may be the very person we are looking for to supply us with a product/service? Don’t be bashful, put your name on our register so that we can find you if we need to.

Manual Labour

Yes folks, every now and then we do need an extra pair of hands at the kennels to help with cleaning, tidying and painting. So if you’re up for a day of hard work and don’t mind what you do then get yourself booked in for a day at the kennels. We are always looking for extra help during March/April when we give the kennels a spring clean and a new coat of paint in preparation for our birthday celebrations. It’s hard work but very satisfying to see the kennels looking their best.

Helping from afar

Why not organise your own fundraising/promotional event? It can be something as simple as a coffee morning, a car boot sale, or a social outing with friends or work colleagues, a collection box at work, a dressing down day, or a stall at a local fair. If you’re handy with your hands and enjoy making things why not make something that can be sold to help the hounds? Contact WGW who can discuss your idea, give you any promotional material you need, and advertise the event on their website or at the kennels.

As always, thank you for your kindness and generosity,