Rebel without a home ..

Rebel - Born June 2015
Rebel - Born June 2015
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Rebel went to see top animal psychologist Dr Roger Mugford at The Animal Behaviour Centre in Chertsey this week. We have known for a long time that, despite his bouncy exuberance, Rebel is a sweet-natured and loving boy with humans and other greyhounds but it was his reaction to other breeds that we wanted to better understand.

I’ve been walking Rebel regularly since the beginning of this year and, in that time, we have visited lots of different places both on our own and in a group. He is now a regular member of the Surrey Sighthound Walking Group which he loves and where he now has quite a fan club amongst both hounds and humans. Rebel loves these outings but can get quite excited when he sees off lead dogs running around and, while he has never shown any aggression, he shows that excitement by jumping around like a kangaroo. At the beginning of our session with Dr Mugford, he was introduced to Roger’s own dogs until it became obvious he was safe enough to be allowed off lead in a secure paddock with them. As you can see in these videos we were all delighted to see that all Rebel wanted to do was explore his surroundings and play 😇

Dr Mugford’s summary of Rebel is that he is a fantastic dog who is ready to be homed. He feels it is clear he has never had the chance to play like a normal dog which means that he can be a bit over enthusiastic in his approach so would benefit from a home with another confident, playful dog (of any breed but medium sized and upwards would be preferable)

Rebel is very strong on the lead so needs a confident, active and experienced family to continue to teach him about life beyond the kennel walls. He is unfazed by children but, because of his strength, we feel older children would be better. That family will be rewarded with lots of love, laughter and many wet kisses (wether you want them or not! 😘)


If you’re interested in rehoming Rebel or any of the 80+ greyhounds at our kennels that are looking for their forever homes, please phone the kennels on 01932 251894 and speak to our manager Carol. You can then visit any day between 11am and 2pm to meet the hounds.

Taking the kennel hounds out for a walk is also an important part of getting them socialised and ready for rehoming. If you’d like to help with this, just come down to the kennels. We are open every day between 11am and 2pm. No need to book ahead. If you have never walked any of our hounds before then the very first time you come you will need to bring two forms of ID (one with photo, one with address).