Patrick gets some extra attention

Patrick on the sofa
Patrick on the sofa

While the Christmas party was in full pelt, I had some cuddle time with Patrick. I’m sure many of you in this group know him but for those that don’t, a little about this lovely boy…

Patrick is one of WGW’s longer stayers, which is absolutely criminal given how sweet and well behaved he is in a home environment. He turned 7 in September and has been in kennels his whole life, the last 4 and a bit years with WGW. 

He’s come for foster stays with me and Rena on several occasions and has been a joy throughout these, very quickly settling into the house – usually on the sofa. Aside from a couple of marking incidents, he’s been clean in the house and he’s a good boy at night, sleeping right through in the lounge without a peep out of him. He cannot do stairs, which for some people is a blessing, but proves a little challenging in my house as there are three steps down into the kitchen to get out to the garden. That said, he does throw himself down them. 

Out on walks, Patrick has really improved over the years thanks to the efforts of his regular walkers, who have helped with socialisation with other breeds. He’s a strong lad and he LOVES his walks so potential adopters will need to be able to manage a marching hound 😂 This year, he has been walked using a Halti harness and it has also made a difference to the walking experience. Other breeds are still a bit of a challenge because they baffle him and he tends to firmly plant his feet and stare at them. Would be owners will need to know tactics to get him moving again but we have a few! 🙂

As Patrick gets older and greyer in the face, I worry more about whether he will find his home. He gets overlooked for younger dogs already even though he’s only 7. He’s by no means a dog for someone new to greys but he’s not the massive project that you may think. 

If you want to know more, when you’re next visiting WGW, have a chat with the staff about him.

Won’t someone give darling Patrick a chance?