Louie Homestay

Louie - Born August 2018
Louie - Born August 2018

A bit more about my current heartthrob, drop dead gorgeous kennel hound Louie. Here he is enjoying the autumn colour at Wisley while we were out and about during his recent sleepover, where he did brilliantly.

He met other breeds on the lead – interested and a bit reluctant to be steered away, but didn’t bark or show any aggression – more experience of controlled encounters would be good for him, but the signs regarding other breeds are encouraging.

My house got a thorough sniff inspection on arrival and Louie quickly mastered the stairs.

He had a walk through town, unbothered by traffic, and at Petworth Deer Park and Marley Common, where he was again interested in other dogs, but not unmanageably so, even if small and off lead. He followed me around the house to begin with, but after two days was more relaxed.

He enjoyed his meals and loved playing in the garden with a squeaky toy. This hound is energetic and confident, but good on the lead. He likes to jump on furniture (even a dining room table!), served himself from the kitchen worktop and, having discovered the human bed in the house, was quite difficult to dislodge from it, so clear boundaries from the start would help him.

He did little puddles in the house, but this will likely be resolved once he settles into a routine. His energy, enthusiasm and appetite for play suggest he would enjoy being in a family. His reaction to children would need checking out, but he wasn’t troubled by small children when he passed them on his walks.

Louie is a very lovable, playful, confident and happy dog who loves a cuddle and, with a bit of guidance, will be a wonderful and much-loved member of the family.

Good luck, Louie!