Drew – looking for a quiet home

Drew - Born July 2016
Drew - Born July 2016
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Current Hersham resident Drew thoroughly enjoyed his outing to Painshill Park.

Drew is just an adorable boy who loves going out for adventures away from the kennels. On this visit to Painshill Park he met a new labradoodle friend called Cocoa who, together with her human mum, joined us for a lovely sunny Autumn walk followed by coffee (humans) and cheese (dogs).


Drew is very handsome lad but has been at WGW for a while now due to his anxiety over loud noises. With regular trips out, however, he is becoming more acclimatised to different surroundings.

Drew will need a calm, quiet, understanding home, preferably with a canine brother or sister to help him to continue to gain confidence, overcome his anxieties and allow his cheeky, affectionate nature to come out.