Joe Enjoying Retirement

Joe in retirement
Joe in retirement

WGW – The re-homing experience

16 November 2021 seems like a long time ago now. This was the day we brought home the lovely Homeless Hound, Joe. Needless to say, he’s still with us! He is a wonderful addition and has passed every test. We’d like to tell you a bit about our WGW experience – we can only give a glowing reference on why you should consider re-homing one of these lovely greyhounds.

My husband and I have been occasional volunteer walkers over the past few years and the time finally came when we felt we were ready to have a greyhound in our lives permanently. We read all the WGW leaflets and got in touch about the rehoming process. The kennel staff were so helpful (via phone, email and in person) and told us what we needed to do. This included filling in an easy online form and filming a short video (you don’t need to be an Oscar winning director) to introduce yourselves and show the house (and garden) where the hound would live. We then had a call with a member of the home check team who (in addition to the kennel staff) became a helpful source of information and support.

The next step was exciting and invaluable. We called it ‘Speed dating the hounds’. This was an amazing way of comparing and getting to know the dogs. It’s about finding the best match for you both. WGW knew our details and introduced us to a variety of suitable dogs. We took each one for a short walk from the kennels and after 10,000+ steps, seven dogs and many full poo-bags we decided on two that we’d like to spend more time with. We then returned a week later and took the two chosen dogs (separately) out on a walk away from kennels which involved a short drive in our car. Following this, we had no hesitation on deciding to take Joe onto the Home Trial phase. We liked his manner, personality and bonded easily.

WGW gave us advice on the feed to buy, provided four weeks free pet insurance and gave plenty of advice. We also re-visited all the amazing leaflets/guidance on the WGW website.

The Home Trial began. WGW loaned us some coats, leads etc which prevented us spending too much initially, in case it did not work out. Joe settled in amazingly well. From day one he slept, ate, enjoyed his walks, kept the house clean and was friendly with everyone (two and four legged) whom he met. Ok, he does still have the odd moment of madness (generally triggered by excitement e.g. seeing a familiar face) but has been really good and has adapted to home life so well.  We kept in regular contact with the WGW kennel staff who answered various questions that arose during this period (e.g. “how can we slow down his eating”). We also spoke to our home-checker and felt very supported. We stuck to the rules and followed the advice we were given.

Trial over… it was easy to decide that we wanted to keep Joe! We returned to the kennels to complete and collect his paperwork and buy him a new wardrobe! We were given flea/worm treatment and advised to book his castration. I felt assured that if I ever needed any advice that WGW would be there for us.

So, if you are thinking about re-homing a hound, WGW give a level of support that surpasses all others! They know the greyhounds inside out and have lots of knowledge which they are happy to share. They really want what’s best for you and the lovely hounds. The process works well and is very simple. If you are lucky (like us) you will end up with a perfect doggy addition to your family!

And here’s a few pictures of Joe… he makes us laugh every day. Nothing compares to stroking that soft belly (which he happily exposes at every opportunity), hearing his teeth chatter and watching his super character develop and blossom!

Joe doing what greyhounds do best …

Lee, Gavin & of course, Joe!  X