Windsor – Born Sept 2017

WIndsor - Homestay
WIndsor - Homestay

In the Home

Wonderful Windsor came out of kennels on Foster for 2 weeks and was a star in the home, he was no problem at all and settled in quickly.  On arrival we took him straight into the garden, after sniffing and doing his business we gave him lots of praise and a quick treat and never encountered any issues with cleanliness in the home.  He is a quick learner.

He has a tendency to watch you at first and follow you everywhere but this improved as time went on and he would just curl up somewhere and snooze.

He likes to collect random items such as the hairspray can, slippers, hats and other loose items around the home.  He just puts them in his bed, he does not damage them.  This is not constant and wasn’t an issue, it is just part of his personality.  Of course we were quick to remove them and he never displayed guarding issues.

Windsor enjoys his own food and didn’t display any stress signals around this.  He does not beg for food but is opportunistic, so you can’t leave food unattended.

After the first night Windsor was happy to sleep anywhere.  On the first night we put his bed close to our room and kept the door open.  From the second night onwards he was happy to curl up in his bed in the lounge or kitchen and stayed there all night.  It seemed to be that once he knew where we were, he had absolutely no issues with choosing the bed he wanted to sleep in and stay there all night.

In the Car

Windsor travels very well in the car, in fact when he lies down you wouldn’t even know he was there.  We have a VW Golf, he had the whole boot space to himself but anything smaller would be a squeeze for this leggy lad.

With other Dogs

We kept Windsor’s muzzle on him at all times.  He was very calm with every introduction but the dogs were also on-lead.  He was more curious with the smaller dogs than the larger dogs but overall, there was no issue.

With Other People

Windsor was very calm and well-mannered with everyone he met. 

With Children


Leaving the House

Nearer towards the end of his stay we left him un-attended for 15mins.  There was no crying when we left or when we came back, nothing was destroyed but I think he positioned himself by the door we left from and probably didn’t move from the spot.  


Windsor really is an absolute star.  He is affectionate, a quick learner, quietly self-confident and generally a happy chappie.  We saw his tail wag a lot!  He’s strong but also calm on the lead and walks nicely.  He’s a tall lad and needs room to sprawl out but we also found him curled up in a bed that we would consider too small for a Greyhound his size. He is truly a gentle giant and think he would flourish in a home and make someone or a family very happy.