Growing up with greyhounds

Greg was 6 when we adopted Suzie. The first time we brought her home, she tried to join in when he was playing with his toy cars. He thought she was scary so he went upstairs and cried and said he’d not come down until she’d gone!

Greg With Stiggy

It didn’t take long to talk him round & they were very good friends. Stiggy, the brindle with the donkey ears, arrived 2 years later and they became firm friends. When we lost Suzie very suddenly to a heart attack, we were devastated & Stiggy couldn’t cope on his own so Poppy moved in with us 7 years ago. She’s 11 now but really doesn’t show her age.

Greg is now 19 and currently training to be a pilot. He loves greyhounds and has had a special bond with all 3 of ours, calling them his brother or sisters.

Thank you to the Horwood family for sharing.