For the love of Greyhounds

Lola - Battersea
Lola - Battersea

If it wasn’t for supporters like yourselves, Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare (the Hersham Hounds) would be a very lonely place right now. We have fabulous stories, photos and messages of support and generous offers of foster homes on our facebook page, website address, by email and phone. 

Today was a reminder of how important you are and how far your acts of kindness extend:

  • Julia Renfree, Graham Davies, Anneka Rubin, Laura Hall and Sharon Lucy Wells helping me re- launch the sponsorship scheme, ‘ Sponsor a Kennel’
  • Petra Bodnar, donating money for us to buy food – and gift-aiding it so we can buy even more for the hounds.
  • Jackie Jenks  promoting her auction for WGW, with the help of Nicola Thain, which is still running for those who haven’t yet seen it.
  • Linda Simmons with the Elmbridge Community Lottery Scheme
  • Laura Hall raising her Help a Hound idea by saving the coffee or drinks money that going ‘out and about’ would have normally cost.
  • Mark Sherren running his ‘Pound for a Hound’ fundraiser at his shop, with the help of supporters, John & Julie Higham and staff member, Sheree Parker 
  • Sarah McFarlane dropping off vital supplies at the door – binbags and mince beef, chicken and packs of ham.
  • Stella Murphy dropping off 2 bags of freshly cooked, off the bone chicken.
  • Elaine Banks leaving a big bag of freshly cooked chicken at the door.

Our WGW community is just amazing. We look forward to seeing your all again soon when business can go back to normal. In the meantime, from the bottom of our hearts a huge thank you. We truly appreciate all your kind messages of support in whatever way and alternative fundraising ideas to help us through this difficult time.

Patrick Wins Show

Hope you are all ok, looking after yourselves and staying safe.

Much love, Carol, and us all at Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare xxx