Ellie – Available for Homing – Foster Report

Ellie was a real pleasure to foster. She travelled well in the car, only a little perturbed by the windscreen wipers as it was a rainy day, but she quickly settled down for a snooze.

When we got home, she sniffed her new habitat and immediately went to the toilet outside in the garden, no accidents for her entire stay. Ellie eats well at mealtimes and wagged her tail when fed which was lovely to see.

Ellie settled in to home life and quickly showed signs she was relaxing. She was comfortable with the TV and outside noises. She is a little food motivated, which is no surprise, but she left us to eat dinner in peace on the sofa while she snoozed next to us – we were impressed!

Ellie slept through the night until we woke around 7.30am for each night of her stay. We can’t comment on her being left for short periods as we didn’t trial it, but she stayed in the living room when we pottered around the house, and she never whined or barked.


Like all greyhounds, Ellie has her quirks, but these are minor. New owners will need to continue to build her confidence when walking down the stairs as she can bound up them, but is frightened of coming back down!

Ellie walks really well on lead, showing minor interest in cats and squirrels, but is seemingly unfazed by other dog breeds. Mostly, Ellie just likes a good walk and sniff before curling up on her duvet or on the sofa, being close to her humans for cuddles. She’s a gentle soul with a beautiful energy who will make her new owners very happy indeed. Her personality was already starting to shine, and it’s clear that new owners would see plenty more of it.