Dennis’s big autumn day out


🍂It was the turn of the ridiculously handsome Dennis to try his hand at being a “Burberry” model today as he borrowed this gorgeous coat for a trip to Winkworth Arboretum with some of our hound friends to see the autumn colours.

😇 Dennis is a total joy to spend time with and he absolutely loves getting out and about. He jumps happily into my car every time and settles down nicely for the journey. He is always excited when we arrive somewhere and jumps out of the car with a happily wagging tail which doesn’t stop the whole time we are out! He is a total gentleman with other greyhounds – very happy to walk alongside them, share a water bowl, etc. We met a few other breeds today and, while he is interested in looking at them, he shows no real reaction.

💪 He is a big lad and strong on the lead but manageable and that strength comes in very handy walking up steep slopes.

🥰 At the end of our walk today we stopped at the cafe for a coffee and Dennis joined Pedro, Wendy, Eli, Rena and Mia in relaxing on their duvets. When a lady came over to say hello to the hounds he flirted outrageously and totally charmed her. I think he would make a great Meet & Greet dog. 🍁