Farewell To Harry
Farewell To Harry

Sadly, we have had to say a final goodbye to our darling Sanctuary Hound, Harry. At 13 and a half years old, Harry did amazingly well in kennels, considering he had initially come into our kennels at WGW at only 2 years old and went to what we had hoped would be the forever home he so deserved. A special thank you to all those who have kindly helped with any vet and other costs of his stay at WGW with sponsorship support and taking him for lovely walks and making him feel so special. 

Sadly, Harry had come back into us in poor condition some years after being homed, which had cost implications for us, although frankly, we do always say it is better to bring a hound back into us than prolong what could be a more stressful situation at home, when circumstances and lives have taken a turn for the worse, whatever we as individuals may think we might do in that situation.

Harry overcame all of that and as dogs live very much for the moment, he thrived on the familiar routine of the kennel life he knew in the Sanctuary that was from then on in, and in what turned out to be his forever home, as Harry never did get a second chance of a home beyond kennels. 

Please don’t be sad reading this. Harry enjoyed every single day of his life with us. He was never a needy hound and was such an easy going boy, who just loved to go on walks to Painshill Park and to Reach the Beach as a younger hound and as time passed, when less physically capable, Harry relished his car rides with his best friend, kind volunteer, Angela Fu. He absolutely adored them, as he gazed regally out of the back windows whilst Angela chauffeured him up and down dale! 

Harry and Angela also shared an annual holiday in a self catering cottage together which meant the world to dear Harry who just loved to be with his best friend, Angela. Without volunteers like Angela, hounds like Harry wouldn’t get to see the sights and sounds beyond the kennel walls and we will always be grateful to Angela for making him feel so very special, as indeed he was

I , for one, will never forget dearest Harry. Having known him from a bouncy 2 year old greyhound boy who used to place his paws very firmly on your shoulders to say hello – to the elderly, but still cheeky 13 and a half year old greyhound gent he became, who always knew what he wanted and where he wanted to go. Being a creature of habit, walking on the left was always a must and he always made me smile with his funny little ways.

He had a serious heart condition in the final year of life that required medication and regular blood tests but as with everything in his life, Harry took this in his stride and in the last few weeks of his life, slipped into his final chapter with ease and good grace. I could never fault Harry. He always aimed to please and was such an undemanding but loving lad who loved his fresh chicken and grain free biscuit which fully resolved all of the previous digestive issues he had had – for which I will always be grateful for having made him feel more comfortable. 

Harry – you were a personal inspiration to me in terms of running a sanctuary for all hounds of any age and a humbling reminder of how adept dogs are at adapting to whatever life throws at them. You were also a true reminder of how important this Sanctuary is. Thank you, Harry, for being the lovely, gentle, unassuming but characterful hound that you always were. Goodnight sweet lad. You passed so gently, but your memory will never, ever fade. 

Goodnight for one final time, Harry.

All my love always, Carol x