“Wish upon a star” we are saddened to say our beloved greyhound Wish has faded into the sky in April this year.

We loved her dearly and she brought so much joy and life into our household. She was an incredibly pleasant-natured dog, easy-going yet often showed us her funny and stubborn side (as do all greyhounds). Wish loved her walks in Richmond Park and West Wittering Beach, chicken liver and of course, stretching out on her bed. We miss her ever so much.

We’d like to thank Wish’s greyhound Godmother Helen Westerby-Cox for introducing us to the wonderful life of greyhounds and for looking after Wish. Helen played a huge role in guiding us as first-time greyhound parents. Helen’s dogs Lewis, Rosie, Harvey and Louis were Wish’s best friends and they had lots of fun together.

Finally, we’d like to thank Carol and the team for pairing us so well as well as the many volunteers at Hersham who loved and cared for Wish deeply.

With Love,

Zoe, Martin, Akim and Joshua Howey”