Alex (Hollydale Alex) – September 2011 to October 2021

In Memory - Alex Garden
In Memory - Alex Garden

With great sadness, we have lost our beautiful boy Alex to lymphoma.

Alex was a gentle giant, silky black, handsome, elegant, and he had the most wonderful eyes that would make you melt in an instance. He was such a big teddy bear with a soft warm-hearted manner. He made our day with his big smiles and warm personality.

In Memory - Alex Eyes

Alex was a flag bearer for all the things we love about greyhounds. Alex was the reason that some family and friends adopted greyhounds.  Alex was more than just a companion or friend. Alex was part of the family, loved by all.

Alex loved his walks in the mornings and early evenings, where he got excited and couldn’t wait to meet his doggy friends. In the mornings, before he would get up, he needed his ears massaged, to which he would make loud groaning sounds of satisfaction. After his meal, he would lean on you, wanting to have his tummy rubbed. In the evenings he would often grunt loudly before roaching on his bed and falling asleep.

In Memory - Alex Sofa

Alex – You brought such love and laughter into our home. The house is so empty now without you. We miss you so very much.

Thank you Alex for all the happy times you gave us over the years. You were so playful, loving and true. You have left your paw prints on our hearts forever.

Run Free Alex, my lovely gorgeous boy. Rest in Peace.

Lars and Petra