Molly – Born November 2012

Molly - Born November 2012
Molly - Born November 2012

Nina’s foster report

Molly came to stay last weekend and was a real little superstar!

This girl has been in kennels for a while and I don’t understand why.

She is a happy go lucky girl, always smiley and her tail wagging wildly, looking to please everyone and loving cuddles and human attention.

When she first came into the house, her tail was like a propeller, wagging and hitting walls, doors, furniture and she just looked such a happy excited little soul.

She settled REALLY quickly and slotted into the daily routine like she’s always been in the house. There were no accidents, she ate all her meals without hesitation, poops on schedule 🙈 and slept through the night even when on her own (with an exception of a little Saturday night party she organised with Sass about 3am 🥳). She is a real character in the best possible sense of the word and made me laugh every day.

Outside the house she is easy enough to walk, she just needs a little direction and encouragement initially when encoutering new things.

Cats and small furries are a little overwhelming for her at the moment, but she calms quickly and is a fast learner. She just needs someone to help her get through the transition period of a couple of months, and she will calm down and take things into her stride.

Molly is a bit unsure of the idea of jumping in and out of the car, so she currently needs some help and a little training to show her jumping is not beneath her. 🤨

Molly is such a sweet, loving little girl that she really is wasted in kennels. With a little bit of guidance she will be a cracking girl hound companion with bags of character and full of funny antics.

I think potentially she could be the only dog.

If you have a hound-shaped space in your heart, please please please consider giving this girl a home. She is an absolute ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Christine has been walking Molly regularly

Kennel hound Molly has been enjoying her recent trips out with her hound companions to Painshill Park.
Molly is a sweetheart with a pretty grey face that makes her look a little older than she is.
She is very chilled with other greyhounds and since being exposed to other breeds on regular trips to the park, can now walk happily past the vast majority of them with no or very little reaction. She does however still require a bit of work with squirrels!!!🐿🐿🤔
This little girl has been at the kennels for a while now and would love someone to take her home and give her lots of fuss and cuddles.

MOLLY went to Painshill Park with Alex.

Molly is a reserved lady who loves a fuss and a cuddle who looks a little older than she is. A black hound with a greying muzzle Molly acts like a typical new arrival that is not sure how to react socially in this new environment, of the outside world that she has found herself in, so she sniffed everything, trotted with joy in the long grass and was enthralled by the ducks, probably not having ever seen them before and at one point during the walk she preferred to trot along in the lake. 

Oh boy does she want to explore and though she has much to learn about interacting with other breeds it is far from hopeless. Upon seeing another breed she does a twirl of excitement and curiosity but shows no aggression. It is really fun to see a hound discover things for the first time and despite the fact that she may be in discomfort from her teeth (soon to be sorted by a dental treatment) she thoroughly enjoyed herself and was a cheeky hound to be with. 

This affectionate girl would enjoy an understanding human who will help her explore her new world. She loves people and would be a great companion for the right person who would be willing to show Molly what life can be life as a pet and they would most definitely be rewarded with Molly in their life.