Ozzy – Born February 2015

Homeless Hound - Ozzie
Homeless Hound - Ozzie

Ozzy is a very happy hound whose tail does not stop wagging. He initially comes bounding out of his kennel, excited to be out meeting everyone, but once outside he calms down. Having only been in the kennels a few days, I took him on his first outing in the car to Painshill.

He had to be given a helping hand into the car, but once in he settled down for the rest of the journey.

Ozzy walked for the most part on a loose lead, taking in all the new sights and sounds and it was lovely seeing how much he enjoyed being out in a park. He was fascinated by the ducks and stood watching them until I moved him on.
We met a few other breeds on our walk and although Ozzy pricked up his ears and looked, he wasn’t particularly bothered by them. 

Once back in the car he happily took his treat and lay down for the journey back.

In short, Ozzy is a confident and joyful hound who will make someone a lovely companion.