Luca – Born May 2018

Luca (AKA Dave / Big Dave) came home with us for a week. He’s a big, lovely, gentle 2 year old boy who’s looking for a comfy place and a forever home.

He needed a bit of encouragement to get into the back of the car for the journey but once he was in, he travelled very well. Looking out the window, watching the world go by, he never once barked or felt sick and was a pleasure to travel with.

He’d never been to a house before and was very curious about the different rooms, the kitchen especially was a place of great interest. He had a wander into the back garden, was quite happy to have a poo and a pee there with little encouragement and was extremely well trained in that regard. Despite never seeing stairs and trying stairs, by the end of the first day he was getting much better at getting himself up and down them on his own.

Carol, very kindly supplied me with a blanket/duvet from the kennels and he slept on this on the floor every night. There wasn’t a peep out of him and he settled in immediately once he found a comfy place.

Luca walked beautifully with his harness on but hadn’t seen or met too many other breeds of dog. When out on walks, he seemed a little unsure around smaller dogs and occasionally would seem a little reactive to small fluffy dogs but he would need some help socialising with them. He’s still young and is very keen to play especially with big cuddly toys. 

We have a female 4 year old whippet and unfortunately she didn’t seem as keen with him being in her home, despite him trying his best. He bonded beautifully with our 9 year old son, who was very sad to see him go back to the kennels. 

He is a very kind and loving dog, who is very happy to have someone around most of the time as he can be a bit of a loving limpet. He’s probably best being either the only dog in the house or in a house with other bigger dogs but I would avoid putting him with any smaller dogs. He would be best suited for someone who is home most of the time, as he does have some separation anxiety.

If you’ve got room on your sofa, then he’s got a lot of room in his heart. He’s a wonderful gentle giant.