Jay – Born Feb 2015

Jay - Born Feb 2015
Jay - Born Feb 2015

Going out out is still new to Jay but he is absolutely loving experiencing life outside the kennel walls including this adventure to Esher Common. Everything is new and exciting (sometimes a little worrying too but mostly exciting) This morning we met a variety of off lead dogs of all sizes and he behaved perfectly. We met a dog walker with a group of small dogs paddling at Black Pond and, while they rushed about having fun, he stood and watched with no barking or lunging. He made friends with two young labradors and their owner thought he was just wonderful! At one point he was barked at by two unruly weimeraners and he totally ignored them as though such bad manners were beneath him 😇

Jay does have a slightly anxious side so will need a calm and patient home with someone who will allow him to get used to life outside the kennel walls at his own pace. Last weekend we went out in a small group and he did pick up some bad habits from one of his hound friends (naming no names) and joined in barking at the few other breeds that we met. With more fun positive experiences he will learn that he doesn’t need to do that.

Jay is a perfect passenger in the car. He jumps in without hesitation and settles nicely for the ride. Back at the kennels he enjoys a treat from the treat table and he absolutely loves a cuddle.

Jay is 5 years old and having spent the whole of his 5 years in kennels he would really like a comfy sofa and some humans of his own. If you think he sounds like the hound for you please contact Carol at the kennels and she will be able to talk you through our homing process and arrange an introduction.

In the meantime, if you are interested in re-homing Jay then please contact the kennels. Or, even better, come along to the kennels between 11am and 2pm and walk some of our hounds to get to know them.