Flighty – Born Sept 2015

Homeless Hound - Flighty - Born September 2015
Homeless Hound - Flighty - Born September 2015

Nina took Flighty for a little ramble around the park; this stunning brindle boy is a total sweetheart.

He is curious, loving, loves cuddles and sniffs out treats within moments regardless of which pocket you are hiding them in!

We set off and when we got to the car, I opened the boot for him to jump in. He was initially a bit unsure of what I wanted from him, but when I put the treat in the boot (just out of his reach), he quickly understood that if he wanted to get to the treat, he needed to do the work and jump in! After a few sniffs around the car he settled down for the journey and enjoyed the ride.

When we got to the park, he jumped out nicely and off we went. Flighty is a sniffer and loves investigating leaves, bushes, trees, grass and reading weemails left by other dogs.

We met at least 15 off lead dogs during our amble and Flighty was calm, but a bit unsure how to handle them. Some of them came right up close to him, and he just stood there like a rabbit in the headlights, not knowing what to do. So he will need a slow steady introduction to other breeds, so he learns that they are also dogs and that language of waggy tails and bum sniffs still stands!

Flighty loves exploring but also likes his comforts – so after about 40mins walk he started giving me signs it was time to go back to the car and have an afternoon nap! All in all – a wonderful hound, perfect for nice strolls and endless cuddles on the sofa!

If you are looking for a wonderful companion, please come down to the kennels and meet Flighty!”

This stunning brindle boy is a total sweetheart.  He had his first trip to Painshill Park with another hound and was a complete gentleman, walking nicely on the lead and ignoring the swans, ducks and all the other dogs we met. 

He was relaxed in the car and on our walk and didn’t put a foot wrong.