Dennis – Born December 2015

Homeless Hound - Dennis - Born December 2015
Homeless Hound - Dennis - Born December 2015

Dennis might just be the most stunning greyhound I have ever seen!  He is a big black boy with a beautiful shiny coat, an elegant gait, a very handsome face and looks to me like he should be in an antique painting. 

Dennis has Ann overnight foster with Laura Fewell

“Ok, so which lovable doofus has been dognapped for an overnight foster with the Croydon princesses, my hounds, Rena and Mia? All quiet here. Dennis doesn’t do stairs, so I have a feeling I’ll be kipping on the sofa tonight.

The best bits:-

  • Easily jumped into the car boot and settled down immediately. A totally chilled traveller.
  • Not very panty in the house to be honest. It’s all weird for him but he’s decided the lounge is a safe place and is comfortable enough to commandeer a bed and lie in it.
  • Ate his dinner, so it can’t be too stressful.
  • He wants to be close to you, he’s stood right next to me as I’ve sat on the sofa a few times and rested his head over my shoulder for cuddles.
  • He’s been happily snoozing in the bed and shows no sign of moving (he isn’t dead though).
  • 22.57 update: has played with squeaky duck.

Other observations so far:- 

  • he is unhappy about the three steps down into the kitchen (leading out to the garden) but I’m unsure whether that’s because they are painted wood without carpet or because they are stairs. That said, he has successfully gone down and up them twice. (22.57 update: thrice!)
  • He about-turns at the main stairs and I haven’t pushed him any further on these. Guess we won’t be sleeping in a big hound pile on my bed upstairs tonight then. 
  • Like most hounds, he doesn’t like the laminate wood floors and I don’t have runners any more (as both my girls have gotten used to the flooring and so I’ve chucked the runners out!) so I have taken one of the duvets from under the lounge dog bed and hacked it into strips to cover the floor. He’s happier with the fabric underfoot.-
  • There have been a couple of marking incidents. Only light and the usual “uhuhuh! No!” With hand clap stopped him. I’m not surprised about his marking tbh
  • We have had many, many kennel hounds to stay, many of them male, so it doesn’t surprise me that he wants to claim territory. I have bio enzyme cleaner for a reason…. 
Still chilling…. I was tucked up on the sofa and Dennis settled and soon went to sleep so I thought I’d see how he did if I went upstairs. I’m watching him on dog cam and he doesn’t seem bothered, which is pretty good as Rena is right above him up here in my room and apparently she needs to get up every five minutes and pull her bed about, turn around in circles and drop heavily into a down with a humpf.

Dennis is enjoying a lazy lie in today (as am I! And Mia is still upside down under the duvet in my bed while Rena also shows absolutely no inclination to get up.) I had my dog cam app open on my phone all night with sound up loud but didn’t hear a peep out of our lovely lad. He’s obviously gotten up at some point as his head is at the opposite end of the bed now. He sleeps with his feet all pulled in and tangled up like a crusty dead spider…

Also a great social walker and enthusiastic on the lead,  he is very strong although his halti harness does help. I expect it’ll calm as he settles in his forever home as it’s likely a product of excitement and nervousness but would-be adopters need to be confident in managing it (and also not writing him off because of it).”

Dennis is one very happy chappy, lovable and would make someone a great Greyhound companion. 


🍂It was the turn of the ridiculously handsome Dennis to try his hand at being a “Burberry” model today as he borrowed this gorgeous coat for a trip to Winkworth Arboretum with some of our hound friends to see the autumn colours.

😇 Dennis is a total joy to spend time with and he absolutely loves getting out and about. He jumps happily into my car every time and settles down nicely for the journey. He is always excited when we arrive somewhere and jumps out of the car with a happily wagging tail which doesn’t stop the whole time we are out! He is a total gentleman with other greyhounds – very happy to walk alongside them, share a water bowl, etc. We met a few other breeds today and, while he is interested in looking at them, he shows no real reaction.

💪 He is a big lad and strong on the lead but manageable and that strength comes in very handy walking up steep slopes.

🥰 At the end of our walk today we stopped at the cafe for a coffee and Dennis joined Pedro, Wendy, Eli, Rena and Mia in relaxing on their duvets. When a lady came over to say hello to the hounds he flirted outrageously and totally charmed her. I think he would make a great Meet & Greet dog.

He wants to join in when he sees off lead dogs running around and is a strong boy on the lead with a real zest for life so needs a confident walker. 

Dennis loves people and loves a cuddle and I am absolutely sure he will flourish in the right home with the right person.