Anna – Born 2012

Anna - Born 2012
Anna - Born 2012

This sweet little lady had her first trip to West End Common this weekend. She travelled well in my car, settling down quietly for the short journey from the kennels. 

We met lots of off lead dogs which made her a little nervous and she appeared keen to avoid them. We met another greyhound while we were out and she was delighted to say hello to her and wasn’t keen to walk away so I think she would benefit from the company of another hound to build her confidence on walks if possible. 

She is a cheeky fun loving girl in kennels and was very relaxed in the car, happily accepting a drink of water and a snack for the journey home.


Anna is a sweet little girl who loves going for walks. She is very confident and jumped into my car happily, settling down nicely for the short trip to Silvermere woods. Once we got there she was keen to get on with the walk and very obviously enjoyed every minute, walking very happily alongside the other hounds in the group. 

We met a few off lead dogs on our walk and she was quite excited about that but is easily managed. She enjoyed some treats and a drink while we were out and enjoyed greeting everyone in the kennel yard when we got back. 

I think this little girl would love an active home with people who would like to take her out exploring before she retires to a sofa.