Freddie – Born August 2015

Freddie - Born August 2015
Freddie - Born August 2015

Freddie – Foster report

When we collected Freddie, he jumped in to the car without fuss and was settled throughout the short trip home.  Once home, Freddie was curious and quick to familiarise himself with his new surroundings.  

From the first night, he slept through 8 hours on the bed and woke up full of energy ready for a 20-minute runaround in the garden first thing.  Freddie then relished his daily walks, exploring his new environment with confidence, more than happy to walk an hour or so to the park or along the river and inquisitive all the way.  He was calm with other breeds, as was the case with the ducks and swans, however he could pull on the lead when a squirrel made a nearby appearance.  Otherwise, after the initial excitement of going for a walk, Freddie would happily walk on a soft lead alongside Dolly.  Freddie even paid a couple of visits to our local pub over the festive season and settled down quickly on the rug next to us.

Freddie got used to the house very quickly and was more than happy to sit on the sofa when invited or relax in his bed.  Apart from a couple of accidents in the house the first couple of days, he settled into an outside toilet routine without any problem.

Freddie has a good appetite and enjoys his food and treats and despite initial interest in the kitchen, he did not surf for food when we were either cooking or eating.  

Freddie is a remarkably quick learner and after just 3 days he successfully navigated the staircase, without prompting, to discover the rest of the house.  We also left Freddie and Dolly to their own devices for a couple of hours on a few occasions to find two sleepy hounds on return.

Freddie is such a confident, youthful, affectionate boy who loves people and to play, especially with a ball.  He would do well in an active household and was fine with children.  He really is a beautiful, gentle boy with so much to give in his forever home.

Mark, Rachael & Dolly Gillam