Arthur – Born February 2012

Arthur - Born February 2012
Arthur - Born February 2012

Foster Report

Arthur is the most delightful guest. He has been on a number of play dates with Pete, our 10 year old Hersham Hounds alumnus. The boys get on very well and Arthur is very keen to please. When we arrive at the kennels, he greets us with great enthusiasm and we have to slow him down as he jumps into the car ready for the off. He is a big boy but is now relaxed enough to lie down which makes driving easier.

We start our days with a long walk round Home Park( Hampton Court). Arthur loves this and stands in awe at the new sights. He is fascinated by the deer but does not pull to get to them. He simply stays still until you persuade him to move on. He is very good with other greyhounds but needs more introductions to smaller dogs on a regular basis.

Once we get back home from the park, Arthur likes nothing more than to snuggle down on a sofa. He is very polite and does not try to take Pete’s bed. Arthur loves it if you sit by him and puts out a paw in protest if you try to move. He has the softest fur and stroking him is the best therapy available for the ups and downs of life.

After a sleep and cuddles,  the boys go out into the garden without leads and are happy pottering about. The pictures show Arthur on the right with Pete (and John in the middle). The rest are of Arthur exploring the bird table and getting to know the place.

Arthur was living with a family who adored him but returned him  to the kennels when their circumstances changed. This was not in any way Arthur’s fault and I am convinced that he would settle into a forever home without difficulty. All that is needed is a quiet hone, a little patience and lots of love which Arthur is more than ready to repay many times over.