Windsor Meet and Greet – September 5th, 2020

Windsor Meet and Greet - September 5th 2020
Windsor Meet and Greet - September 5th 2020
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Firstly I’d like to say a huge thank you to Windsor Council for allowing us to undertake this collection. They set out certain rules, but at least we could work with those and instead of 9/10 people we had 4, and instead of 10/12 dogs we had 3, but what a 3, they worked their paws off.

The wonderful people who came along were John & Julie Higham with Chip & Debbie Ladd with the magnificent Henry & Will. Debbie’s lads snuggled up to people all day & they had this amazing sixth sense & knew when money went in the pot because they immediately went & gave that person a ‘lean’. The gorgeous Chip was such a hit with everyone, but because of his love of his bed, the children just couldn’t help but make a fuss of him. These guys should have Equity cards. Thank you so much for being there, you are all absolute stars. Unfortunately my boy Magic can’t do these long days now so had to say at home, but he did make a quick visit which was wonderful for me.

Initially it was cold and very windy but the people of Windsor were absolutely wonderful, they loved our boys and they had constant attention. Apparently they’d been missed! We brought back a bit of normality I think after a hard time for some.