Robbie – Born August 2018

Robbie - Born August 2018
Robbie - Born August 2018

Robbie has been on a homestay with Jackie.

“Robbie was with us and our own greyhound on a foster stay for 10 days.

He is a friendly affectionate dog who wants to be loved. He will stand and lean on you for fuss for 5 minutes or more. His first day in the house was accompanied by a lot of nervous panting, but by the second day he was beginning to find his feet.

He quickly mastered stairs, though found going up a lot easier than coming down. He did not react to the washing machine and he was more chilled with the vacuum cleaner than our own hound after 4 years experience of it. He was fascinated by his reflection in the mirror and seemed to think he was a very handsome fella.

Robbie does like his food, but needs to continue to develop his skill of taking treats nicely. He is very interested in human food and has needed a few firm “Nos!” to learn what is and is not acceptable. He is a ready learner though and responds well to instruction.

Robbie finds travelling by car, both scary and exciting. He has to be helped into the car and is eager to get out at the destination. He takes a while to settle when travelling and is keen to look out every window. He has become more accepting of journeys and I think in time, it would become familiar and second nature to him.

We have taken walks in the local parks and woodland areas. He has met other dogs politely and not shown any reaction to other breeds. Robbie can be quite strong on the lead initially but soon settles into the pace and rhythm of the walk. He enjoys lots of sniffs in new places – walks often have a zigzag nature as he finds something else to investigate.

Robbie loves playing with his toys and particularly enjoys having them thrown for him to catch or chase after.

Overall Robbie is a delightful character, who will grow in confidence in his new home and give his new owners a lot of love and pleasure.”

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