Patrick – Foster Report

We have just had the very great privilege of fostering Patrick for 4 days.  We took him into our home of three adults and four children (ranging in ages from 6-13), knowing that it was a lot to ask of any dog to manage our very busy household. 

Patrick has been an absolute pleasure to have in our home.  He is so gentle with the kids and greets us all with a wag of the tail.  Patrick is a true gentleman, and is always up for a stroke or even a hug.  He enjoys his walks and a very brief romp in the garden, always followed by some quality time on the couch.  He is mostly fantastic on the leash, although sometimes plants his feet to watch small dogs passing by and is nervous when small dogs who are off leash approach him. 

After 4 short days we have already fallen in love with this amazing animal.  He is the perfect dog for us in so many ways but I’m afraid we are not the right fit for him.   Although our own children try to be diligent, we have cousins and neighbors coming and going from the house and we have struggled with making sure gates and doors are not left open for Patrick to get out.  Despite best efforts, mistakes have already been made and we do not want to put Patrick in a difficult position where we lose him or he goes after a small dog off leash in the park in front of our house.  Therefore, it is with a very heavy heart that we have come to the decision that we are not the right fit for Patrick, through no fault of his own. 

Patrick is a special dog who deserves a life full of love and snuggles.  Whoever is lucky enough to adopt Patrick will have a loyal and loving companion.

Lori Shroeder 

1st Jan 2020