Ollie – Born December 2019

Ollie - Homestay
Ollie - Homestay

Young homeless Hersham Hound Ollie has had a very busy weekend! As well as becoming an overnight viral global internet sensation with the video of his apres-pee dance (at the time of posting it’s had over 22k views and been shared nearly 800 times as far afield as USA, South Africa, Mexico, Italy and France amongst others!), he met up with a small group of friends today for a walk at Thursley.

Ollie is a lovely natured boy and very entertaining. He did very well on our walk today – we met lots and lots of off lead dogs of all sizes and he mostly ignored them. He is not sure what to make of small dogs so will need further careful introductions to ensure that he learns properly how to behave around them. A couple of dogs in our group today (mentioning no names 😉) definitely liked the sound of their own voice a bit too much but he didn’t let that affect him and he didn’t join in.

He is an anxious boy which means he doesn’t always know what to do with himself so he will need a patient and understanding home to help him relax. He also likes his own space so is probably not suited to a home with young children.

Ollie is a perfect passenger in the car but does need to learn how to get in and out – at the moment he needs help with both which my back isn’t pleased about.

As always, if you would like to find out more about this handsome boy and think yours could be the right home for him, please contact Carol Cowie at the kennels.”