Larry at Painshill Park

Homeless Hound - Larry
Homeless Hound - Larry

Yesterday morning Hersham hound Larry had a good sniff around the lake at Painshill. Larry loves travelling in the car and usually has a nap whilst waiting to arrive at destination. This very friendly and sweet hound walks very nicely by your side, looks at the other dogs with some curiosity but moves on quickly so is a real joy to walk.

Since his arrival at Hersham, Larry has been sharing his kennel with several girls (some of them really full of beans, no names here😉) and he has always been so gentle and patient with all of them….what a saint! We cannot understand why he keeps been overlooked….ok, he is a big lad and is a middle aged boy…so what?

He is so affectionate and gentle, plus has a very charming long nose and a curly tail which are impossible to resist. Is there anybody out there with a free sofa, please?

Larry is waiting to hear from you