Colleen goes walkies

Colleen Walkies
Colleen Walkies

Nina – “I spent my morning in company of wonderful Madam Colleen!

This girl is full of energy and character! She gave me an enthusiastic greeting and was super keen to go on an adventure!

She is loving, cuddly and a real joy to be around. She mesmerised an elderly couple we met on our travels and then just couldn’t get away from her. She certainly knows how to make friends!
Colleen has been at the kennels for a few years now.

Her major hurdle is thet she needs work with other breeds. She is scared of other dogs – big or small – so she has a tendency to shout at them quite loudly 🤨

BUT we know she can improve. She was doing very well when she was out of kennels on fosters, and was meeting other dogs regularly. So there is definitely talent to be more sociable hiding in there somewhere!

Colleen needs that special person to give her the time and patience and help her develop her social skills with other breeds.

Colleen can probably be an only dog or live with a very tolerant boy. She loves her own space and gets grumpy with grey girls (I did say she’s a Madam!).

If you believe you could be that person, please give kennels a call.