A princess – now re-homed

Princess on the Beach
Princess on the Beach

6 year-old Princess has finally found her forever home after nearly a year at the kennels. Princess went off in a wonderful air conditioned car befitting her Princess status with her new boyfriend, Henry, at her side. She has had no problems settling in at home.

Having had a wonderful long foster during Covid lockdown (details below), we were over the moon when Helen Moore and her husband brought their hound Henry down to find a new girl, since,Henry was missing the company of their previous greyhound girl – and Princess was immediately smitten!

To her new family (the Moores) , a special thanks for giving sn older unassuming greyhound girl with a grey face that special chance she so deservef. A loving family and a forever home of her own.

Previous Foster Reports

Kate, who is fostering Princess at the moment, has sent us these gorgeous photos of Princess enjoying a day at the beach. Princess previously found other breeds of dog a bit worrying and needed someone to spend time helping to socialise her and get her ready for her forever home. Her time in foster has been so beneficial and she has learnt to relax while she’s out and about.

Princess has also spent time on a foster with Anna-Kathryn Knight who says:

“We were lucky enough to have Princess at home with us for a few days recently. She is a loving, gentle, affectionate dog who is friendly with everyone she meets. She is toilet trained and very well mannered. She doesn’t beg for food and will stop any behaviour you are not keen on immediately whenever you say “No.” Princess loves the company of humans and will follow you for a lean and a stroke often. She walks beautifully on a lead and doesn’t pull at all, even when she sees squirrels. When she does see a squirrel she becomes very alert and interested but simply telling her “No” meant she lost interest quickly. 

When the doorbell rings she is unfazed but is also interested to meet new people who come in, giving them a gentle sniff and waiting for a stroke or a pat. She has met many children over the last few days aged from 6 to 12 and has been gentle and calm with them all, not batting an eyelid even when four or five of them all came rushing up to her to stroke her and say hello from all different directions. I was worried that this unexpected and unanticipated movement might have startled her but she was gentle, friendly and relaxed.

Princess become loyal and loving very quickly and looked to me for her commands and cues. She loves her walks and enjoyed going to new places and parks. We ventured to Richmond Park which is full of rabbit sniffs, deer and squirrels but she was completely comfortable on the walk and walked with a loose lead. She wore a muzzle when walking with us which she is good about putting on, even though it is not her favourite, and she loved a good rub on her face and a kiss on her head when it was taken off. She didn’t come up stairs at all – I wasn’t bothered either way whether she did or not but she stayed downstairs the whole visit, it is obviously something she is used to. She slept happily on a duvet on the floor but also hopped onto a sofa occasionally as well and had some cuddles and dozes next to me and my daughter.  I couldn’t recommend Princess highly enough as she is an absolute star and wonderful company. “

We are very grateful to Kate and Anna-Kathryn for the time they have spent with Princess. She is now looking for her forever sofa! If you think you could offer her a home and would like to meet her, please contact Carol at the kennels for information on our homing process