Kennel 6 - Champ (October 2017)

Champ has been overlooked for homing for some time now and so we have placed him under our sponsorship scheme. This does not mean he is not available for homing. It just means that, as he is proving more difficult to home for various reasons, the costs of looking after him can be supported by the scheme, since we never put a healthy hound to sleep, just because they may take longer to find the right home.

He is a sweet, fawn boy with a very expressive face and defined eyebrows! He has an incredibly bald bottom which makes him very distinctive. He is wary of people he does not know and it has taken him a long time to accept a cuddle even from staff too, who he sees more regularly, as he is a little unsure of himself and a bit suspicious of those he doesn’t know.

Therefore, if somebody comes to the kennels to meet a dog as a potential homing prospect for them, he is less likely to engage with them, given he will not know them. He will seem rather aloof and sadly, first impressions can often be lasting impressions, and so, the more outgoing hound will catch more attention. He is also rather enthusiastic on the lead which can put potential owners off. We also must be careful with him around treats, as he is grabs at food, as if he has never eaten! This behaviour will lessen with time, especially if he does go into a home. Until then, we will look after Champ as best we can and see if one of our more experienced volunteers can start to get him out and about a bit more to increase his confidence and social skills.

We won’t give up on finding Champ a lovely forever home of his own, but as with all the sponsorship scheme hounds, he is not going to suit a first-time hound owner. So, we are very grateful you are sponsoring Champ’s kennel. He can be a sad-looking, introverted boy. He just needs time, patience, and space to blossom into a more confident greyhound boy.

Champ - Oct 2017

Sponsorship Options

1. Greyhound Friend – £25 per year.  

As a Greyhound Friend you will receive a welcome pack including a personalised card featuring a photograph of you chosen kennel hound, a certificate and a Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare themed gift. 

2. Greyhound Special Friend – £50 per year. 

As a Special Friend you will receive all the benefits of a Greyhound Friend plus 2 themed gifts. 

3. VIP Friend – £100 per year. 

As a VIP Sponsor you will receive all the benefits of a Special Friend plus a WGW Christmas Calendar sent out at Christmas.

Sponsorship Form

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