Kennel 5 - Ronald

Ronald is Scottish for Reginald which means ‘Power Force’ and he is indeed a strapping, black, 7 year old hound who needs someone strong to walk him. He is like a jet-propelled missile coming out of his kennel for and once on a walk, if he sees an unfamiliar breed he does a lot of excitable leaping around which makes him more difficult to handle than most.

This over-exuberant show detracts from the fact he is in fact an incredibly loving greyhound boy. He doesn’t need a long walk and would be best with an owner who is comfortable with his unpredictable strength when he gets over-excited at the sight of another breed, until he gets used to them more and becomes more relaxed.

When you talk to Ronald at the kennel window, he gets all coy and tries to rub his cheek against yours and goes all gloopy-faced! He is genuinely cute and so endearing. However, the sheer strength he has, will mean he will probably have to wait longer than the other hounds for the right forever home. Meanwhile, he will remain safe, secure and loved, alongside the other Hersham Hounds at WGW.


Ronald - Born April 2017

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