Kennel 2 - Ollie (December 2019)

Ollie is a tall, sleek, long hound who is a bit of a clump but always means well. We love him to bits. As a young boy, he has his life ahead of him and is so funny, he really does make you laugh out loud with his antics, including swivelling his hips and kicking back his heels when he has had a pee on walks, as if he is doing a little celebratory dance!

One of our lovely volunteers tries to take him out every weekend to give him a change of scene – he loves her car and refuses to get out of it at the end of every walk – and she always comes back with a big grin on her face because he really is such good fun. That said, he has to trust that person and can be quite wary of men he does not know which makes homing him a bit more difficult than some other hounds.  

On walks, he largely ignores other breeds, even when they are off lead, and is just in Ollie-world on his walks. He is unsure about small dogs though, so would need careful introduction in the future, although he would probably rather just avoid them. He is an anxious boy which means he doesn’t always know what to do with himself, so he would need a quiet, patient and understanding home to help him relax and have space of his own.

Ollie is still young and in many ways lacking in confidence and experience in the big wide world which to him can be quite daunting and overwhelming, so he would need an experience owner to build up a bond and his confidence, gently and gradually. Meanwhile we will take care of Ollie in our Sanctuary for as long as he needs us.

Ollie - Born Dec 2019

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