Yogi – 15/1/09 to 19/3/20

In Memory - Yogi
In Memory - Yogi

March 19th, 2020 – This evening, we had the devastatingly sad task of saying goodbye to our Yogi.

In the end, the pain of osteosarcoma was just too much for him, and despite a ‘good’ day, it was inevitable when we got to the vet this evening. Daniel, the vet, always said that Yogi would let us know, and he did.

Yogi was the most happiest hound we’ve ever had the honour to have known and owned. He had a massive heart, and gave everyone and everything (well, maybe not cats), a big happy hello when he met them. Everyone that knew him loved him to bits. 

Yogi loved being around our Grandkids, quite happily letting his legs be used as a bridge for toy cars to drive under. They loved to be around Yogi, and he loved to be around them…..even when they fell on him! When my son bought a little puppy to our house, Yogi slept next to it when it fell asleep.

Yogi came into our lives almost 9 years ago to the day, as a most wonderful and kind 2 year old ex-racer. He settled into our lives immediately, forming a wonderful bond with Phoenix, who was definitely the boss! 

We lost Phoenix in October 2018, and very soon brought Pebbles into our lives. Again, Yogi just took everything in his stride, and showed her the ropes, enjoying her hooligan behaviour! Last year he beat cancer in his leg, so for him to have osteosarcoma one year later was just so unfair. 

He was quite simply one big bundle of loveliness, and has left a massive hole in our hearts tonight. Yogi was a special boy, and very much a Mummy’s Boy to Carla. Over the last week when he was crying in pain at night, he’d only settle down when she comforted him. Theirs was a special bond, and Carla is in bits next to me as I write this.

If our Bandit was my best mate as a hound, then Yogi was like our son.

RIP Yogi, sleep tight lovely boy xxx