Ruby – 1st April 2008 to 26th July 2019

Ruby - In Memory
Ruby - In Memory

Ruby – fun, fearless and independent tiger dog 

Ruby first came into my life in the summer of 2015 when I discovered the WGW kennels in Hersham whilst walking my horse after a major operation.  

Along with Pepsi, Kiko and Peter she became a firm favourite for mid week walks. Then we began to go ‘off site’, mainly to Bouldermere and exploring the old air field.

Ruby had had a tough past life after being abandoned in a field in the north of England along with another hound, both literally having to fend for themselves in order to survive.Luckily they were found and eventually brought to WGW.

When my lovely cat died in October 2016, Ruby, the tiger dog, finally came home. After exploring downstairs she went up and used my bed as a trampoline! Having been helped down the stairs she never tried again. The squirrel she caught left her very puzzled!! She settled really well and quickly got used to a variety of walks between an hour and two each day, sometimes with dog friends. She remained very reactive to other dogs for a few months but soon become much more relaxed. 

Ruby always enjoyed going out and meeting people and being admired on walks. She was a stunning greyhound ambassador everywhere she went. 

She regularly returned to WGW for holidays where she was happily re-acquainted with her best friends at the kennels, Christine and Alex. At eleven and a half years she was full of life.

She became very lame over a couple of days and was diagnosed with bone cancer, the bone was possibly crumbling as she was in a lot of pain so a few days later we did the right thing for her.

A truly special friend she has left a huge greyhound shaped hole in my life. 

Thanks to Christine and Carol for all your support. Xx