A final farewell to our darling Onslow


Our darling Onslow, very suddenly passed away first thing this morning of a suspected heart attack.

He adored trotting down to the end of the big paddock first thing in the mornings and that is what he did this morning, before the weather got too hot,. for what turned out to be one final time. He was cool, unstressed and happy. And that is how we will remember him.

This morning, he was as enthusiastic as always and his tail was up in a little semi arc as it always was when he was happy. That is how he passed away.

He had had a hard life, always seemed older than his years and had more than earned his retirement. Onslow was stressed around other dogs and wary of people he didn’t know and so homing him was always going to be less straightforward than for others. We loved taking care of him during his time with us and will never forget his loud, distinctive bark on walks to let everyone know he was out and about! .

Onslow – it will be so quiet in so many ways without you. We know you were happy in the time we knew you and you were a very loving boy we will never forget. One in a million.

We loved you very much, Onslow, and will miss you. Rest in peace now..

All our love always xxx