Yankee – Born May 2015

Yankee - Born May 2015
Yankee - Born May 2015

Yankee has been going for a walk to Painshill Park and Hurst Park for the last two months with Rebecca on a weekly basis. Yankee is a very affectionate boy who loves spending time with people and thrives on human interaction. He has found kennel life very stressful and loves to be out and about enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the great outside world. 

On our walks together he often stops to gaze at the boats,ducks and swans on the river or eagerly watches children playing in the park. Yankee is happy to be around his fellow greyhounds and has had a lot of positive interactions with other breeds, both big and small. In the last couple of weeks he has plucked up the courage to approach an off lead Labrador and Huskey and greet them with a wagging tail. 

Once out of his kennel, Yankee is a calm boy ,who isn’t spooked by loud noises or sudden movements. He therefore may be suitable to live with a family who have older children or other dogs of a similar size. Ideally Yankee would suit owners who can be around him most of the time and teach him how to spend time alone gradually. 

Why not come down to the kennels and meet Yankee. He has so much love and affection to give and just needs a home of his own where he can relax and enjoy his daily walks.