Sara – Born Oct 2019

Sara - Born Oct 2019
Sara - Born Oct 2019

Sara has been on a foster stay. Here is her report from home ..

“Sara was an excellent house guest. It was her second home stay (her first with us) and she settled in amazingly quickly. In just 24 hours she adjusted to life in our flat and fit into our routine. She slept in the living room with our six year old greyhound Colin and they got on well, largely ignoring each other but enjoying going on walks together. We live in a second floor flat and at the start of the homestay she needed treats and encouragement up the stairs. Within 3 days she was running up the stairs no problem. We kept her muzzle on at night, but not during the day as she didn’t chew anything.

Sara was interested in other dogs at the park in a friendly way and she walked brilliantly on the lead, never pulling.

Sara loves her food and wolfed her meals down every time. She tended to sniff around our food when we ate, but did eventually get the message and leave us to it. She was easy in the car, seemingly bored by it, lying down and relaxing as soon as she jumped in.

We found it very hard saying goodbye to her, as she’s such a sweet and friendly girl. But we are sure she will find a home very soon and become part of the furniture in record speed.


Alice and Tomos

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